Seasons of the Heart - Summer Pillow

Seasons of the Heart - Summer Pillow

The next pillow from the Seasons of the Heart chart, by With Thy Needle and Thread, I will be starting is Summer! I am so excited to get into patriotic stitching and even pull out some of my WIPS that are close to being finished. I will be picking my own colors for the Summer chart from my stash. When I am choosing colors for this chart in particular I am trying to match floss that I have to the colors in the picture.

The colors I have chosen are:

DMC 422 → CCW Mariner's Compass

DMC 680 → CCW Honeycomb

WDW Grits → CCW Bamboo

WDW Pamlico → CCW River Rocks

WDW Twilight → WDW Fathom

WDW Pea Coat → WDW Blacksmith Blue

WDW Deep Sea → CCW Blue Corn

WDW Oscar → CCW Pine Needles

WDW Olive → CCW Weeping Willow

WDW Oilcloth → CCW Muddy Puddle

GA Woodrose → CCW Used Brick

GA Heirloom Gold

CCW Chili Pepper → CCW Campfire

CCW Campfire → CCW Cherry Cobbler

CCW Eggshell



Here is my small start. I had already stitched another window and the door however when I went to fill in the red I realized I had miscounted and had to frog a whole section. I decided to go to the top of the house and start from there. I will share more on my weekly flosstube. 

Join me and my friend Holly @mrsjonesstitches in our stitch-a-long and use the hashtag #seasonsoftheheartsal

Hope to see you stitching with us 🧵

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