Welcome to Sweetwater Stitcher

Welcome to Sweetwater Stitcher

Welcome to Sweetwater Stitcher. I have joined the Flosstube community on YouTube and am enjoying sharing my love of cross stitch and other crafts with others. Much of the content will be cross stitch however there might be some quilting and crocheting, if I can learn how to start, which I am working on.

A little about myself: I am a mom to three young children, Parker (4 1/2), Kennedy (3), and Madison (1) and cross stitching is my creative outlet. I have a background in education and have taught 3rd- 7th grade. After my middle daughter was born it made more sense for our family for me to stay home with them. It was at that time I discovered cross stitch and haven't looked back. 

I hope you find inspiration and learn some new tips and tricks through my youtube channel and blog. 


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