Day 2 #Sweetwatermaynia #fillthebowlmania

Day 2 #Sweetwatermaynia #fillthebowlmania

Keeper of the Pins: Threads of Time Pincushion

I did end up pulling some other fabrics to try with this pattern and the one I picked for this specific pattern is 28 count Linen Raw with mini white dots. I am using DMC 347(Red) & 611(Brown) , Colour and Cotton Olive Brown and CCW 12-Grain. I am still debating if I will finish this as a pillow or turn it into a cover for a needle book. 

I also decided to have another start today and it is a larger project. I am more than likely going to have some other surprise starts added in that are larger projects as I feel in the mood to start.

The one I chose was Things Unseen by Lizzie Kate, it is a 3 part mystery and you do need to purchase all 3 charts. 


I have done my own conversion but am not completely finished picking. I will post the colors when I am finished but if you are interested I will mention them on my Flosstube. I am using 28 count Vintage Smokey White linen and loving the colors on this fabric.


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Hi, going to use your colors for the summer house by FQS. Will you keep posting your other colors? Love your floss tube and always look forward to them.

Esther Ramirez

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